Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Assignment #1: The Magazine Cover

In an effort to help you understand your classmates' interests and personalities, you'll each be creating a magazine cover. You'll also turn in an explanation of the elements you used and will give a brief description of it during class Thursday. Here's the assignment.

Need some inspiration? No problem.

Above, you can see the cover I made. Here's a link to my description of it.

Once you're ready to turn everything in, you can give me your cover and then email your description to me (as a Google doc or a Word doc -- it's up to you) at lasaezine@gmail.com. The subject should read: Name_Assignment_Class Period. So if I were in 1st/2nd block, my subject would read "Kendra Young_Magazine Cover_1.2."

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing about your magazines tomorrow in class!

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