what is this class about?

what is this class about?

Electronic Magazine is a freshman signature course required at The Liberal Arts and Science Academy. Just like Science and Technology (Sci-Tech), E-Zine challenges students to work in a group on an extended project, building imperative skills for the 21st century job market. Students will be guided through the development and implementation of a traditional print-style magazine, fitted for online consumption.

The Liberal Arts and Science Academy recognizes the importance of technological skills; therefore, E-Zine is a required course. Students will learn the foundations of Adobe Creative Suite 4, which is used not only by professional publications, but in many fields of work. E-Zine develops and fosters students' visual communication skills as they write and design a variety of journalistic pieces for the Web.


1. The Magazine

Students will analyze a variety of magazines for theme, audience and purpose, helping to develop their own publication. Students will also study and analyze magazines from the previous semesters. Students will be grouped, and they will collaborate to develop a magazine concept. All pieces written must correspond with the magazine theme. Students will be responsible for presenting their idea to a graphic designer for approval.

2. Principles of Design/Software

Throughout the semester, students will learn the foundations of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. They will maintain a designer notebook to house ideas, learn techniques, and plan for their magazine. Students will be expected to know design terminology and apply the principles of design to their own magazine. Graphic designers will mentor and critique students as they develop their magazines. Students will become proficient with digital audio recorders and digital cameras. Students will be required to reflect on the process of pieces via podcast.

3. Journalistic Writing and Composition

Students will write a commentary (or opinion piece) and a feature for their magazine. They will choose their angle according to their magazine theme. Students will interview people in the community, take accurate notes, edit, revise, and conference until the piece is ready for publication. Students will learn to be detail-oriented in their writing, using correct grammar, punctuation and organizational skills.

4. Ethics and Netiquette

Students will apply ethical standards when making decisions about content: pieces, photos, illustrations, sources, and research. These ethics will be discussed in class prior to each relevant assignment.