Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good morning...

Hey all,

I'm out sick today but I wanted to make sure you got some important reminders and used class time today productively so that we can stay on track with the magazines.

Unit 2 Test Thursday -- Find a second review guide here (Remember, the first one was posted yesterday on the blog). If you have *any* questions, please email me today so that I can answer them before the test tomorrow.

Feature Stories -- Your rough draft will be due at the first part of class on Friday. You'll have all of class time today to work on the body portion (quotes and transitions) and part of the class tomorrow after the test to finish; if you don't finish then, you'll need to do it for homework. Remember to use this attribution handout that we reviewed in class to help you properly write quotes.

If you're having trouble thinking of how to link your ideas together, re-visit "Test of Faith" here, where you can see how the quotes and transitions keep the paper moving.

Feature Layouts -- We'll be working on those Friday, so be sure you have photos you can use.

Blogs -- No blogs due this week since I want you to focus on your feature stories. If you've already written one, you can apply it to next week when we'll start blogs back up again.

Extra credit -- Remember, if you'd like to do extra credit this six weeks, you can replicate a professional layout in InDesign and submit it. All layouts must be turned in Friday.

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

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