Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The magazines are up!

The magazines created this past semester are now online! Please check out lasaezine.magcloud.com to purchase student publications. (I've posted students' names and their respective magazines below).

On average, the print publications cost between $6 and $12, depending on the page count. The cost reflects the printing costs only, as we make no profit on any of these magazines. However, if you have any issues with the cost of ordering a magazine, please let me know and I would be happy to cover the cost for you. The students have worked so hard on the magazines this semester, so I want to make sure everyone who wants a copy gets one!

We've also published our magazines electronically on www.issuu.com/lasaezine. Embed codes are posted in case you'd like to include your magazine on your blog or Facebook profile, for example.

Thank you, students, for a wonderful semester. I am SO PROUD of your finished publications, and I look forward to seeing you in the halls next year! Enjoy your summer!!!

Student Magazines

1st period:
25K - Jeremy J., Caroline M., Mariah N., Chris P.
Driven - Jamie R., Matthew M., Kathy H.
Street Magic - Rania D., Brittanie J., Christy N.
Blizz - Abel C., Kebriana N., Miguel P., Kendall G.
Forum - Nathan W., Eduardo L., Alison M., Felix B.
Incite - Sofie B., Ariel S., Clarissa L.

5th period:
Vinyl - Anne Kat A., Mayrose P., Elizabeth C., Claudia C.
Now - Ishaan G., Daniel C., Yahir B.
Aux Cable - Arnav S., Natalie T., Lizza P., Anthony R.

7th period:
Current - Calvin S., Gus T., Douglas C.
Live Austin - Nathan R., Christian D., Gustavo M.
Dischord - Brandon R., Grace C., Kiaya S., Gaby G.
Piccante - Chaaru D., Shweta M., Vandana G., Estefani M.
Final Buzzer - Brian C., Bikramjit L.
Diffusion- X. Willis, Ben B., Daniel Z.
True Color - Deborah H., Faith J., Andy L., Akshara P.

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