Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mrs. Young Out - Day 1

Good morning/afternoon, Eziners. I'm out at a technology conference today, but you have plenty to do in good ol' room 258 without me. You'll need to email me your finished media kits (both the pdf and the written paper) by the end of class Friday. Here's a link to the assignment if you want to double-check to make sure you've covered everything. Remember, it's a major grade (one of only two for this grading period), so you'll want to make sure it's polished and professional.

Don't forget that you also have a quiz Friday over newsworthiness, design, and lead terms. Refer to yesterday's quiz review for a refresher.

Ok, I think that's it for today. Please email me if you have any questions, and I'll check in with you tomorrow via the blog regarding your outlines and leads.

~ Mrs. Young

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