Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mrs. Young Out - Day 2

Happy late start day to you, happy late start day to you, happy laaaate start day to you.... Happy late start day to you.

Hope you all enjoyed sleeping in. I'm bright-eyed (after much coffee) and back at my technology workshop today, but I wanted to give you a couple of heads-up for tomorrow:
1) Media Kits are due (emailed) to me by the end of class Friday. You'll be presenting your kit on Monday to the class.
2) Designers are visiting after the quiz.

1st period: Adrian will be meeting with Forum and Blizz. I'm still waiting to hear back from Melissa (Street Magic's designer); I'll email your group if I hear from her today. If she doesn't respond, I'll see if we can get some designers from The Liberator to come critique your media kits before you present Monday.

5th period: Josh will be meeting with Now Magazine, and Victor will be meeting with Vinyl

7th: Kara will be meeting with True Colors Magazine, and Sarita will be meeting with the Daily Muncher. Ron will be meeting with Dischord on Monday, Feb. 14. I'm still waiting to hear back from Greg, Chia-Wen, Stephanie, and Kirk. If they don't respond, I'll see if we can get some designers from The Liberator to come critique your media kits before you present Monday.
3) You're having a quiz on the terms we've covered in the last couple of weeks. The newsworthiness examples were posted in Tuesday's quiz review (on the calendar and yesterday's blog post), and you can refresh your memory regarding leads with this handout. Both the leads and the newsworthiness questions will be multiple choice.

The design identification portion of the quiz will not be multiple choice, nor will it have a word bank... because life does not have a word bank. Actually, it's because you'll need to know these terms when talking design in your group.

Here's a link to a design review. You'll need to download the pdf and then click on the comments to see what each part of the design is called. (Depending on what version of Adobe Acrobat you have, you may not be able to access this at home, so take notes in class if needed.)

A few parts are not identified. For example, you'll need to know what a document grid does (allows the designer to create logical spatial relationships between objects and text) and how column guides work to dictate how many columns of text should exist and how large an image should be.

4) I'm still looking over your outlines and leads and should have commented on all of them tomorrow so you can proceed with concessions and supporting paragraphs, both of which we'll cover in class.

5) Have a wonderful day! I'm learning a lot of interesting things about Photoshop and podcasting, and I look forward to showing you guys some new stuff!

~ Mrs. Young

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